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Free delivery Aus wide over $100
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Whether you shop your plumbing supplies from Reece Plumbing, Bunnings Plumbing, Plumbing Supplies near me or at - you have most probably seen this W logo.

If you are a plumber it is critical to understand the importance of the plumbing supplies Watermark. Let’s go through a high level overview of what the watermark has got to do with plumbing sales and plumbing fittings.

What is the Plumbing Supplies WaterMark?

You can tell if a product has been approved for use in water supply, sewerage, plumbing and drainage by the Watermark Certification Scheme because it will display the WaterMark logo.

What/why is it related to online direct plumbing supplies?

The WaterMark is managed and administered by the Australian Building Codes Board.

The Australian Building Codes Board licences and manages the WaterMark scheme. And develops the certification requirements for each product that requires Watermark. The WaterMark Certification Scheme conducts rigorous and extensive testing process including annual audits to obtain the certification. 

According to the Australian Building Codes Board “The Watermark Certification Scheme (The Scheme) is a mandatory certification scheme for plumbing and drainage materials and products to ensure they are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations.”

Therefore the watermark confirms the plumbing fittings

  • complies with the Plumbing Code of Australia
  • is fit for purpose
  • meets relevant Australian Standards relating to product quality, including health and safety.​

Hence to meet the “deemed to satisfy” requirement of plumbing installations, plumbers must install only products that carry the Watermark certification. And this certification is required before a licenced plumber can install plumbing fittings, in accordance with state and territory plumbing regulations.

What are the benefits to the plumber and customer?

There’s a cost benefit to the consumer to use watermark compliant plumbing supplies. Non – certified plumbing fittings might not be built to the same manufacturing standards and hence may not be as durable. Furthermore there is a risk that the plumbing job might take longer to install and not function as efficiently as a certified product. Especially given plumbing supplies are expected and need to work 24/7 for many years, , the fitting might need to be maintained more frequently or replaced by a plumber.

Furthermore, for any future work in the long term, a plumber might need to remove the non-compliant fitting and replace with a compliant plumbing fitting. This can become enormously expensive for the customer.

One of the most long term critical points when it comes to purchasing plumbing supplies online, is if a second plumber is called to the site,

Plumbing Fittings that must carry Watermark approval -

Not all products used for plumbing installations require WaterMark approval.

For example, plumbing fixtures such as basins, sinks, baths do not require a WaterMark approval, however the waste outlets used in each of these fixtures do need to be compliant.

Other plumbers supplies that might not need watermark include domestic dishwashers and clothes washing machines, PVC Pipe and fittings. However these products are still required to meet an Australian Standard specification

 Example plumbing supplies that must be Watermark compliant include -

    • Pipe fittings – all fittings for use within sanitary or water supply installations. Plumbing Traps & greywater systems.
    • Appliances – commercial clothes washing machines, sterilizers, evaporation air conditioners, etc. Each of the appliances have to meet specific certification requirements to meet Watermark approval.
    • Any product that comes into contact with drinking water (including fixtures, valves, pipes and fittings) must also be approved.

      In addition, the Australian Building Codes Board  maintains a database of all products with that certification. is a plumbing supplies business committed to offer our plumbers Australian Plumbing Standard plumbing supplies with a good service, good price and a good feeling.

      If you are looking for plumbing supplies near me , we deliver plumber supplies and plumbing fittings direct to your door across Australia daily from our distribution centers.

      We delivery daily plumbing supplies to Perth, plumbing supplies to Brisbane, plumbing supplies to Melbourne and plumbing supplies to Sydney. Therefore we can deliver direct to your premises. And you can place orders 24/7 from any location and our site is mobile and tablet friendly.


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