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Free delivery Aus wide over $100
Tap Washers or Ceramic Disc | Plumbing Supplies Near Me

Tap Washers or Ceramic Discs - Money down the drain?

Everybody wants mixer taps in their kitchens and bathrooms now-a-days.

But there is a demand for separate hot and cold taps and spouts. In fact this is common in your bathroom or shower. Whether you are doing a renovation or refreshing your plumbing, one of the considerations is to whether to install a tap washer or ceramic disc tap spindles. Let us have a look at each and their pros and cons.

The pros (benefits) of ceramic disc spindles are

  • More durable
  • can withstand longer duration of wear
  • save money and effort by not having to replace washers
  • Turning the tap is easier with ceramic disc spindles. A quarter turn of the handle is enough to get the water flowing
  • Especially useful for older families due to less turning of the handle
  • Less wear and tear on the taps due to less constant turning to get good water flow

The cons (disadvantages) of ceramic disc spindles are

  • In some cases ceramic disc spindles need to be replaced more often due to hard water or sediment. This sometimes happens when council has cut into the water line as part of maintenance and repair.
What kind of taps do you prefer ? Please leave comments below. is a plumbing supplies business committed to offer our plumbers Australian Plumbing Standard plumbing supplies with a good service, good price and a good feeling.

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