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How do you glue your pvc pipes together? - Plumbing Supplies

On a beautiful day, two plumbers needed to glue their pvc pipes together. They were very much alike these two men with dexterity and access to plumbers glue, pvc fittings and plumbing supplies to get the job done.
But there was a difference the pvc leaked for one within 12 months forcing him to rework and expend additional effort and time. The other enjoyed leak free pvc pipes for years to come.What made the difference? 

What is primer?

One of them didn't use primer before the glue when connecting plumbing fittings and pipe together. The other applied a red primer on the mating surfaces before applying plumbers glue. The lack of primer made the installation weak and it eventually leaked.

What does primer do?

You need to weld pvc joints together with a red primer and plumbers glue. Each surface to be glued need to be first smeared with a red primer and then glue. The primer and glue act together to fuse and weld the pvc fittings together to create a strong lasting bond. 

Why do I need a primer?

The purpose of the primer is to take off the the shine and other release agents from the joining surface of the pvc fittings. Therefore the primer not only cleans the surface but enables the mating surface to be weld together using plumbers glue. This delivers a solid connection ensuring a quality job. It is critical to apply primer

A quick tip, you can use sandpaper prior to applying glue to achieve the same outcome. However applying primer is easier and quicker!

It is common practice of plumbing inspectors to check for the red smear of a primer at each pvc joints. If they don't see the red dye they query and check with the plumber whether primer has been applied and sometimes ask for the job to re-installed at additional cost and effort.

Plumbersbest offers a large range of quality plumbing supplies to provide a tool box for all plumbers such as
  1.  Red primer fluid and pvc cleaner
  2.  Clear primer fluid and pvc cleaner
  3.  Plumbers glue green cement
  4.  Plumbers glue blue cement
  5.  Clear plumbers glue cement pvc
  6.  PVC Pressure Fittings
  7.  PVC Stormwater Fittings

Here's to your success!

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