How to block your gutters and downpipes for bushfire

Whether you choose to leave early or defend your home in the event of a bushfire, it is important you prepare your roof by plugging off your down pipes.

One of the methods of actively defending a building is to fill gutters with water. There is no guarantee that embers will not enter a structure under the roof edge, however not filling gutters with water means that ember entry is much more likely.

The downpipe plugs fits into the entrance of downpipes in household gutters. When a roof is hosed down, the plug acts like a cork in the downpipe and stops water from draining out of the downpipe pops. Flooded gutters at the roofline form an important safety barrier against smouldering embers, and also serve to immerse dangerous accumulations of dry leaf matter and twigs.

Placing downpipe plugs in the down pipes, then filling the gutters with water means that there is much higher likelihood that any embers that fall into the gutters are going to be extinguished, as opposed to being swirled around by the wind and blown under the roofing material into the ceiling space.

In addition to removing the leaves and cleaning your gutters, you can push plugs into your downpipes. Once you plug the gutters, fill the gutters with water. This will help put out anything that falls on the rood. In addition wet down all the eves and underlining that you can get to with a hose.