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Free delivery Aus wide over $100
Tempering Valve | Plumbing Supplies Near Me

Tempering Valve | Plumbing Supplies Australia

How important is hot water to you? Having hot water plumbing is a luxury we take for granted. This is made possible with your hot water system.

A hot water unit is built to produce hot water through out your property safely and economically. A critical element to hot water safety is the tempering valve.

What is a tempering valve ?

A tempering valve is used to regulate the set temperature of mixed hot and cold water. This temperature regulation is needed even when variations occur in the water supply conditions for storage gas and electric hot water units.

How does a tempering valve work ?

This valve works by combining hot water with cold water to provide a safe temperature for water usage. Hence it is a mixing tool to produce produce the required water temperature from a particular outlet. This ensures users are not scalded or burnt.

Therefore tempering valves work by mixing the high temperature water (~ 69 degrees) from your hot water unit with the cold water from your water supply. This is done prior to flowing to your taps, showers, flexible hoses, washing machine hoses at a temperature of 45 to 50 degrees.

Where are tempering valves installed ?

These valves are fixed to your hot water system and installed between your cold water and hot water inlet to produce tempered water.

According to the Australian Standard AS3500.4.2 Clause 1.6, water temperature that comes out of taps must not exceed 50 c but to prevent legionella bacteria from developing inside the tank, the temperature must always be at 60 c

Do we need a tempering valve ?

It is a legal requirement to install a tempering valve to your hot water system. This is to ensure it complies with the Plumbing Code of Australia.

 Different types of tempering valves

 You will need different types of tempering valves based on the type and size of your hot water.

  • Orange Cap Tempering Valve - recommended for heat pump hot water systems and solar hot water systems
  • Green Cap Tempering Valve - best suited for gas hot water systems
  • Blue Cap Tempering Valve - suited for electric water heaters
  • Black Cap Tempering Valve - most commonly used for large capacity systems

 Where can I buy hot water tempering valves ? offers a range plumbing supplies for you to get the job done quickly and easily. This includes tempering valves, ball valves, brass fittings, and taps.

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Tempering Valve | Hot Water Tempering Valve



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